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Woy Woy Leagues Club
Mon 12th March 2018
All pictures taken by: Sandra Erdman

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Woy Woy Leagues Club
Monday 12th May 2018 from 11am
ARROWS Report from our Autumn luncheon…last Monday 12th March 2018

G’Day to all ARROWS
Another great memorable day. Woy Woy Leagues is one of the best venues on our calendar. A respectable turn up of 71 enthusiastic ARROWS attended to enjoy the company of close and away friends on our 55th meeting and also to commemorate the 60th year of the bands and singers that stated their careers back in 1958.
Linton Tinkler reported the latest on the health of Keith Williams. If you didn’t grasp the seriousness let me spell it out.
Keith was the very first electric bass player with Johnny O’Keefe and the Dee Jays in 1957. Being an accountant in his day job, he quit the band when they started touring and then joined up with Johnny Rebb and the Rebels. His accountancy skills took him overseas for a while and he came back and secured the top spot (CEO) in the new store at Rhodes IKEA. I call him a close friend.
Just weeks ago, Lynne his wife, was rushed to hospital with an aneurysm in the brain. She has survived and is now in Re-hab, but a few days after Lynne’s collapse Keith found himself at North Shore Hospital with a giant tumour being removed from his stomach. With them both in different hospitals and both recovering they haven’t been able speak with each other. I hear now things are improving.
I had selected on the day a number of our clan to speak and most took up the challenge. I want to explain that it’s hard to control a speaker from ‘going overtime’. I had gently asked everybody to ‘keep it short to around 3 minutes’ but I guess that when you’re up there and you’re ‘In the Groove’ timing goes out the window…..
At one time years back, I had a little bell to ring but when Darryl Stewart was speaking, I rang the little bell and hell broke loose with them all yelling at me….. LET HIM SPEAK! LET HIM SPEAK! That was embarrassing….and I shied away from doing that again.
So anybody any ideas??? Anther quick thing – Virgins don’t speak. Alan gathers the info from them and speaks on their behalf so that keeps it quick. As we only had 1 virgin at Woy Woy, we decided it was a special case for him to speak.
      Many thanks to all who made the day, Alan Dale, Lynne Fletcher, (now engaged) Sandra Erdman and the excellent hospitality from the Club. Special mentions to Carol Murray from north of Newcastle, Joy Savill, up around Port Stevens brought Judy Barnes and Barry Newman and then picked up Betty Parker from Woy Woy station. Glenn Fisher who brought Babs McKinnon. More travellers from Sydney, and other stations on the way.
I must mention Betty Parker at almost 88yo, Who caught the train at Helensburgh to Central, changed to the intercity to Woy Woy, total time more than 2 hours.. then returned the same way adding a bus at Helensburgh. Phew….. Vic Simms from LaPerouse who made the trip.
John Bluey Watson (Qld) Bass player with the Aztecs made an appearance. Thanks go out to Ron Polson (from around Coffs Harbour way). What about five (5) ex Delltones together – Sep Martin, Owen Booth, Warren Lucas (original 1959)Leon Isakson, John Charter. We had Pee Wee and Brian Perkins a couple of times back on the Gold Coast. Great to see Kevin Jacobsen in our midst the Original Joy Boy. Thank you to Gary Eyres who made a welcome appearance. His son Cory brought him along. Thanks Cory. Gary had a serious accident a few years back when he fell from a ladder onto concrete causing serious damage to his body.
Thanks once more to all of you ARROWS who made the journey…..I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful day and felt some love in the room as we all came together…

The Woy Woy meet was one to remember as our members turned up in numbers enjoying good food and friendly repartee. The venue has been renovated with our designated area being the auditorium which was very comfortable and fitted our usual procedures.
We welcomed two new members in Ed Matzenic and Harry Harman, both musicians with a long background in our industry. Speakers were Jim Barnes who announced that an updated version of his Top Forty book will be available shortly. An incredible volume of dates and statistics, the original book was put together before computers. A daunting experience.
We also heard from female vocal entertainers Carol Murray, Mandy Sheridan and Babs McKinnon. Bill Wallace gave some insight into his time as a television producer and Bob McKinnon gave a very funny story on his being both a musician and theatrical agent. Linton Tinkler gave an update on former Dee Jays bass player Keith Williams who has recently undergone a lengthy operation and Dorothy Barry’s 90th birthday didn’t go unnoticed.
The surprise event was John Charter dropping to bended knee to ask Lynne Fletcher for her hand in marriage, she answered “Yes! My Darling, Yes”!. Standing ovation time! Lynne had just delivered the Rock’n’Roll Heaven file which sadly contained 10 of our respected members. Janice Breen, Dave Bridge, Johnny Burns, Alan Driscoll, Billy Laut, Geoff Mack OAM, Claire Poole OAM, Catfish Purser, Tommy Rayburn and Ken Sparkes. All lost in 2017.
Woy Woy Leagues, one of our favourite venues, it was a pleasure to catch up with so many friendly faces. A great day to remember!

Mandy Sheridan, From Woy Woy Leagues Club Luncheon.

Hi John,
Once again, you have done a great job organizing todays ‘Arrows’ function. John, We don’t get to mix with many of our colleagues from over the years, and today, catching up with Judy Barns (who married Terry Widdowson) was special. Terry & Keith were in a band in Brisbane when we ALL made the big move to ‘the big smoke’ Sydney.
Keith played with Terry for 18 years, Judy wants to know our earlier ‘memories’ as we knew him for so long. Nervous as I felt when you asked me to ‘speak’, I am very flattered that MY start in showbiz is interesting enough to ‘tell the story’…. J
We are ALL so happy for you and Lynn that you are getting married, John it was meant to be…….. Love to you and Lynn xxxxxxxxx
Vicki (Forrest) & Trevor write: Hi John, Thanks 4 another very enjoyable day but once again not enough time to speak to everyone. We're off to States on Sunday will be staying with Bobby from 26th March & I will say "hello" to him from you. Once again congrats to you & Lynne we're very happy for you.


John Charter
02 9822 4414
0414 84 9966

John Charter

02 9822 4414
0414 849 966
Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club
117 Ryedale Road,
West Ryde
Monday 14th May 2018 from 11:00am
Just a short walk from the railway station
Alan Dale

02 9449 1816
0411 691 724


1. Lynne Fletcher & David Jones

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3.Steven Sim, Maureen Morris,
Dave Williamson, Barbara Wafforn

4. Owen Booth, Dennis Mawson, Brian Fogarty
Sit: David Jones, Rod Blair

5. John Charter, Lynne Fletcher
Linton Tinkler

6. Lucky Starr

7. Ray Butler

8. Glenn Fisher AM

9. Ron Polson
10. Harry Harmon

11. David Jones & Owen Booth

12. Vicki Forrest, Carol Murray
Milton & Allen Ward

13. John Charter & Stephen Sim

14. Ed Matzenik & Vic Simms

15. Alan Dale & Bernadette Ramsay
16. Betty Parker

17. Warren Lucus

18. Billy Gale

19. Frank Collimore

20. Brian Fogarty

21. Jim McBeath & Frank Crisafi

22. Owen Booth & Leon Isackson

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24. Click Pix to see names & Enlarge

25.Vic Simms, Ben Patis
Laurie Barclay, Kevin Jacobson OAM

26. Kevin Jacobson OAM,
Lynne Fletcher
Ed Matzenik, Booka Hyland

27. June Keep

28. George Siedlecki

29. Dave Lee

30. Shirley Simmons
31. Joy Savill, Betty Parker
Judy Barnes, Babs McKinnon

32. Brian Fogarty & Bill Wallace

33. Lucky Starr & Chris Thomas

34. Bluey Watson & Michael Parsons
Flank Kevin Jacobson OAM

35. Ray Butler & Bluey Watson

36. Alan Cantwell

37. Alan Dale

38. Jim Barnes

39. Carol Murray

40. Bill Wallace

41. Trevor Norris &
Bernadette Ramsay

42. Carol Murray, Betty Parker
Joy Savill

43. John Charter, Bill Wallace
Michael Parsons,
Kevin Jacobson OAM

44. Ray Butler, Ben Patis
Vic Simms

45. Peter McLean, Lucky Starr
Bluey Watson

51. Geoff Gould, Graham Cotter
Warren Lucas, Dennis Mawson

52. Gary Eyres & Linton Tinkler

53. Frankie OAM & Helen Davideson

54. Trevor Norris, Glenn Fisher AM
John Cross

55. Mandy Sheridan & Roy Cooper

56. Babs McKinnon

57. Frankie Davidson OAM

58. Mandy Sheridan

59. Kevin Jacobson OAM
& Vicki Forrest

60. Lynne Fletcher
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